Hubspot 101: How Is It Helpful?

    Mar 3, 2020 9:15:00 AM / by Jeff Ruprecht

    Jeff Ruprecht

    We chose HubSpot as our CRM (customer relationship management) platform because there’s nothing quite like it. It’s got all you need to excel at inbound marketing. It’s user friendly and keeps everyone on the same page. When you’re working with clients hundreds of miles away, that’s everything. No miscommunication, just one spot where everyone can see the same results and understand how your work is providing results and reaching goals. While these are all great attributes, but let’s dig into the nitty gritty benefits. Here are the little ways that HubSpot makes your life easier. 

    It takes meer minutes to publish a blog post thanks to HubSpot. Their layout keeps formatting consistent and works with your established brand. Plus, they provide tools to up your SEO game. 

    Landing Pages
    HubSpot provides layouts for landing pages. These are great for specific marketing campaigns or speciality topics. They’re easy to set up and are easy to customize. They even come with the ability to show different content to different visitors. 

    The thought of creating an email campaign can be overwhelming. You’re in luck! HubSpot offers beautiful email templates and instant subject line personalization. It also lets you run A/B tests to improve your marketing. #winning

    Marketing Automation
    Instead of putting time and effort into moving your leads to purchase, let HubSpot handle it. The platform can track lead’s behavior and help you tailor outreach to the proper channels. 

    Lead Management
    Everyone on your team can now track all your lead interactions in one place. You can use this info to build a more personalized marketing approach. 

    Understand which parts of your process are your heavy hitters. It also helps you see which areas need work. Analytics help you see the benefits of marketing, and how to improve. 

    Use HubSpot’s content management system to create a responsive website that’s SEO friendly. It’s easy to drag and drop to design pages. You can also turn your favorite designs into templates and save time. 

    Social Media
    Keep track of your brand online, see engagements on channels all in one place, and schedule posts for the perfect time. 

    Up your SEO game with HubSpot’s tools. The platform will offer optimization tips while you’re building out content. It will also measure your SEO performance using integrated analytics. 

    Get in-depth insights into who is clicking on your CTAs. Track measurements and use that data to optimize future CTAs. 

    Understand the ROI of your social platforms in detail, and see the benefits of paid ad spend. 

    Salesforce Integration
    When you sync with Salesforce, you have access to the full history of your email open rates, CTA click-throughs, and submitted forms. 

    No matter what marketing task is the thorn in your side, HubSpot has ways to make it easier. To learn more, ask away.


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    Jeff Ruprecht

    Written by Jeff Ruprecht

    I've always had the urge to scratch that creative "itch." If I have an idea, I check it out. It’s that drive to create something from nothing—starting with an idea and working to make it grow into something that will impact people. I’ve been working in the marketing world for over 22 years now, and every day I feel like I’m doing what I was intended to be doing. Helping people solve their problems in a creative way, caring about what they care about, and seeing that they achieve their goals.

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