Feb 8, 2018 2:13:29 PM / by Jeff Ruprecht

    Jeff Ruprecht


    Ok, ok. This one is a little late to the party. We talk about the Minneapolis Miracle and the Minnesota Vikings loss to the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC title game. Don't hate on us, we've been so busy lately that we didnt get to post-production until now. But, its still a really good discussion. Mainly about educating clients, the power of design and the investment it takes in one's own marketing to truly move an organization forward.

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    Jeff Ruprecht

    Written by Jeff Ruprecht

    Although he looks like he gets carded when he goes to enjoy a local craft brew, partner Jeff Ruprecht has been providing solutions to creative challenges for 20 years. Always hands-on, he took to painting, drawing and woodworking as outlets for his creativity growing up in central Minnesota, in the midst of farm country. Brought up to cherish hard work and the fruits of one's labor, he has applied this attitude while at the University of MInnesota Duluth and then at some of the best agencies in Duluth for many great clients. Now as a Creative Arcade partner, his experience from traditional to online marketing, and his down-deep urge to play and learn new things, keeps him busy when he's not volunteering his time coaching youth baseball.

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