The 8Bit Podcast - Episode 036 Week X Week COVID Fall 2020

    Oct 23, 2020 8:45:00 AM / by Jeff Ruprecht

    Jeff Ruprecht

    It’s been a rough time for small businesses. The pandemic has closed their doors, limited their customer bases, and/or pushed people to online retailers. In the U.S Midwest, restaurants, bars, and other businesses could take advantage of the warmer patio season this summer. But colder weather is headed our way, and small businesses need to be prepared. Talyn and Jeff discuss simple tips on how to help your business during this bumpy time.





    Topics: Podcast, e-Commerce, tiktok

    Jeff Ruprecht

    Written by Jeff Ruprecht

    I've always had the urge to scratch that creative "itch." If I have an idea, I check it out. It’s that drive to create something from nothing—starting with an idea and working to make it grow into something that will impact people. I’ve been working in the marketing world for over 22 years now, and every day I feel like I’m doing what I was intended to be doing. Helping people solve their problems in a creative way, caring about what they care about, and seeing that they achieve their goals.

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