WxW: Small Businesses & COVID Fall 2020

    Oct 22, 2020 2:36:10 PM / by Talyn Riedesel

    Talyn Riedesel

    It’s been a rough time for small businesses. The pandemic has closed their doors, limited their customer bases, and/or pushed people to online retailers. In the U.S Midwest, restaurants, bars, and other businesses could take advantage of the warmer patio season this summer. But colder weather is headed our way, and small businesses need to be prepared. Here are some simple tips on how to help your business during this bumpy time. 

    Utilize Ecommerce 
    If you haven’t already, it’s time to make sure your product is available online. Whether that’s adding a takeout ordering function or getting on Shopify, life in 2020 is all about being accessible digitally. 

    Keep Google Business Updated 
    Most people will head to Google first to check your hours and availability. Make the most of your Google Business page. Add photos, recruit reviews, answer questions, and post updates. This is a great spot to focus on if you are hit with a short COVID closure. You can quickly update your hours and drive people to online options if and when needed. 

    Video, Video, Video 
    There’s never been a better time to utilize video, even if it’s just using your phone camera. People are looking for entertainment and escapism. Your brand could supply this. Just make sure it’s on-brand, and dare we say it, authentic. 


    We’re feeling for all the small businesses right now. If you need any help during this time, reach out to us

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    Talyn Riedesel

    Written by Talyn Riedesel

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